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Expansion Ammunition has some exciting news and a big opportunity. We just launched a new product 12.7x108 US made steel cartridge. This round is the first in many "Non-Standard" ammunition cartidges we will be launching this year. This round is in worldwide demand with demand exceeding 100s of millions of rounds a year. We have been in development for 2 years working on this project and finally got to release this product at the 2020 SHOTSHOW in Vegas.  We have multiple military contracts that are lining up as we gear up for our first orders. That's where you come in. Most of these military contracts do not pay up front so we are having to buy large amounts of materials and components up front to float until we get paid by the US government. Bellow are test videos of our 12.x108mm product.


These videos show the concept is proven. We are already in the process of finalizing orders. It is just a matter of if you want to take advantage of the opportunity. Expansion Ammunition is poised to make a significant headway in the International Non-Standard Ammunition Defense Market thanks to our cutting edge technology, superior raw materials and components, competitive pricing, and U.S. based logistics chains. 

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